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"When Christians talk about the end of the world, they often think that they are repeating what the Bible says when in fact the text is far more subtle and interesting. Craig Hill is both a first-rate scholar and a lucid communicator, and he manages in this admirable book to clarify decisively what Scripture does and doesn’t say about the last days. He cuts through much nonsense and helps us see the really important themes in the texts he discusses."

        Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

"Sane, convincing, biblical writing. Pastors, teachers, and parents--all of us who are responsible for providing Christian guidance through the verbal clutter and emotional hysteria associated with the 'end times'--will welcome Craig Hill's accessible and timely teaching."

       Eugene Peterson, Author of The Message

"This book is written in accordance with the Scripture and simultaneously in accordance with our present time–a wonderful gift and a rare fortune in theology. It is a masterpiece on the biblical foundations of the Christian hope in the coming of God, without doomsday speculations and without the banalities of modern feeling-good-in-the-present-and-after-us-the-flood religion."

        Jürgen Moltmann, Tübingen University

“A remarkable achievement--a discussion of biblical eschatology* that is fully informed by contemporary scholarship and written in such a way as to be accessible to any layperson. There is a tremendous need for this kind of writing, and very few scholars can write at this level of clarity.” 

        John J. Collins, Yale University 

"There is nothing easy about eschatology.* Thankfully, Craig Hill has produced a wonderful road map for layperson and expert alike to follow during the difficult journey through God's time. Hill plays a fine Sherlock Holmes, discovering new insights and fresh clues as to the meaning of the Bible's prophetic and apocalyptic texts. Contemporary events make Hill's treatment all the more compelling and his evaluation of popular biblical interpretations all the more urgent." 

        Mike McCurry, White House press secretary (1995-98); CEO, Grassroots Enterprise 

"I thought eschatology* was just too scholarly a subject for anyone but theologians to think about. Christians who dwelled on it--well, I found them a bit strange. But Craig Hill has proven me wrong. In God's Time not only makes eschatology* understandable to laity but also explains why it's important to every Christian in today's world.  And Hill writes beautifully."

        Fred Barnes, McLaughlin Group panelist (1988-98); Executive editor, The Weekly Standard; Co-Host, The Beltway Boys (Fox News)

"Hill's study of eschatological* thinking in the Bible will come as a liberation to many troubled by forms of Christian belief that are fixated on calculating the time of the end. His explanation of biblical prophecy and its relevance for understanding Jesus is clear and forceful, and his accessible style makes the book a pleasure to read."

        John Barton, Oxford University

"Craig Hill has done the Christian community a great service by spelling out in a sensible, scholarly, and readable manner what the Bible says about the end times.  At a time when popular books on the Second Coming are leading to confusion and a right-wing political mindset, here is a book that is balanced and inspiring and helpful."

         Tony Campolo, Eastern University

“This is a splendid, well-written book on a topic of continuing importance for the health of the church. A gifted teacher and a wise guide, Craig Hill explains the Bible’s teaching on ‘God’s time’ clearly and judiciously. He doesn’t assume any prior knowledge, nor does he duck the awkward questions his readers are likely to have. His book is packed with helpful insights for a wide range of readers. Many will wish they could have read this book years ago.” 

        Graham Stanton, Cambridge University 

"Hill writes for Christians who don’t know what (or how) to think about the end time and what Scripture says about it. He tackles the hard questions and comes up with answers that are both specific and remarkably sane. While completely informed by the best scholarship, his prose is lively, unaffected, and clear. Here is the sort of writing too seldom found--work by an expert who actually says something helpful to ordinary people."

        Luke T. Johnson, Emory University

"Thanks to Craig Hill for this powerful and timely word calling the church to take seriously its eschatological* beginnings. A must-read for understanding the Christian faith."

        A. Katherine Grieb, Virginia Theological Seminary

“Hill shows how characteristic and crucial is hope for biblical faith and yet how problematic it is for easy distortion and misreading. The book is an invitation to rethink the odd claim of faith in a cultural context where hope is either impossible or transposed into fanciful escape.” 

        Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary 

"Every Sunday, Christians confess belief in the 'last things'--the second coming of Jesus, resurrection of the dead, and final judgment. Hill here provides students, pastors and interested laity with a much-needed guide to New Testament eschatology* and its Jewish roots. He includes a helpful guide to reading apocalypses like Daniel and Revelation and explains the origins of contemporary beliefs about 'the rapture.'  This book should be required seminary reading.  Christians living in the twenty-first century need not abandon the core elements of their ancestors' faith."

        Pheme Perkins, Boston College

"This is a wonderful study of the Book of Revelation and of Jesus' own words in the Gospels about the end times. Hill argues persuasively that these texts require neither an ultra-literal 'left behind' interpretation nor the skepticism of the Jesus Seminar, which has dismissed the texts as inauthentic. Hill demonstrates that apocalyptic literature was a popular Jewish religious genre during Jesus' time, a poetic way of talking about God's dramatic intervention in the world on behalf of his people. To the earliest Christians, who were all Jewish, the culmination of that intervention was, of course, Jesus himself."

        Charlotte Allen, Author of The Human Christ: The Search for the Historical Jesus

“Such clarity, such vigor, such color! I loved the metaphors, down-home examples, and faith insights--mixed right in with erudite scholarship. In God's Time is a must-read book for all serious students of Scripture." 

        Bishop Richard B. Wilke (United Methodist), Founder of the Disciple Bible study series

*eschatology (ès´ke-tòl´e-jê) noun.  1. The branch of theology that is concerned with the end of the world or of humankind.  2. A belief or a doctrine concerning the ultimate or final things, such as death, the destiny of humanity, the Second Coming, or the Last Judgment. [Greek eskhatos, last + -LOGY.]  (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition. Houghton Mifflin Company, 1992.)

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