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Enormous confusion exists today concerning the Bible's teaching about the future. Millions of contemporary Christians are caught up in "rapture" fever, evidenced by the phenomenal success of the Left Behind novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. At the opposite end of the spectrum are those, such as the leaders of the Jesus Seminar, who believe that Jesus did not teach about the approaching Kingdom of God.  

In God's Time: The Bible and the Future offers an alternative to these two poles in the debate, an alternative that is at once faithful and sane, readable and scholarly. Author Craig C. Hill encourages Christians both to take seriously and to think sensibly about the hope of God's ultimate victory. His new book includes chapters on the nature of the Bible, the history of prophecy, the meaning of apocalyptic writings, the interpretation of Daniel and Revelation, the expectations of Jesus, and the hopes of the early Christians. It also includes an appendix ("Not Left Behind") on the subject of the rapture.

Endorsed by a wide array of top scholars and church leaders, In God's Time is a reliable guide to this often bewildering but always fascinating subject.


           Table of Contents (237 total pages)

Foreword:              The End from the Beginning

Chapter One:        Are We There Yet?

Chapter Two:        First Things First: The Bible

Chapter Three:      The History of the Future

Chapter Four:        Apocalypse Then

Chapter Five:         All in the Family: Daniel and Revelation

Chapter Six:           Jesus and the Things to Come

Chapter Seven:      The Once and Future Kingdom

Conclusion:             Hope Unseen

Appendix:               Not Left Behind


Index of Modern Authors

Index of Subjects

Index of Scripture and Other Ancient Sources


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