In God's Time Study Guide

A comprehensive In God's Time study guide is available from Eerdmans Publishing Company.  The guide has been written by Craig C. Hill for the benefit of adult Christian education programs, such as Sunday school classes and Bible study groups.  It can be used by both teachers and individual group members. (Note: this is not the same book as the In God's Time Participant's Guide available at


*Download Adobe Acrobat Reader, required to read PDF files.


Study Guide Contents:


   Author's Note

   Explanation of Format

   Suggestions for Group Leaders

   Sample Class Schedules

   Eight Lessons,* including each of the following elements:


      Scripture Readings

      Preview Questions

      Main Points of the Chapter

      Content Questions   

      Reflection and Application Questions

      Group Learning Activities

      Worship Resources, including:


         Scripture Sentences


* Four of these lessons (on Chapters 3-5 & the Conclusion and Appendix) include extra study materials, allowing these fairly lengthy chapters to be divided into two lessons.  Thus, the book can be taught in 8-12 individual lessons. 


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