On-line Texts:

1 Enoch

Pseudepigraphical Books

Old Testament Apocrypha

Articles:, "Buying Like There's No Tomorrow", "Palestinian Christians Distance Themselves from Pro-Israel Cults"

Baptist Standard, "Evangelical Theology Drives American Attitudes Toward Israel"

BBC News, "Analysis: America's New Christian Zionists"

Boston Globe, "Apocalyptic President?"

CBS News 60 Minutes, "Zion's Christian Soldiers"

CBS News 60 Minutes Program on the Left Behind Phenomenon

Christianity Today, "How Evangelicals Became Israel's Best Friend"

Christian Science Monitor, "The End of the World"

Christian Science Monitor, "Mixing Prophecy and Politics"

Dallas Morning News Op/ed by Craig C. Hill, "The End of the World - Again"

The Guardian, "U.S. Christian Fundamentalists are Driving Bush's Middle East Policy"

PBS Article by Craig C. Hill, "We Are Having the Wrong Debate"

Sojouners, "Who is Tim LaHaye?"

Village Voice Article on the Political Influence of Christian Zionism

Washington Post, "Direst of Predictions for War in Iraq"

Washington Post, "The End, To Be Continued"

Washington Post, "It's the Dawning Age of the Apocalypse"

Washington Times, "Christian Zionists Soldier to Prophecy"

Washington Times, "U.S. Evangelicals Back West Bank Settlements"

Washington Times, "Zionist Meeting Brands 'Road Map' as Heresy"

Dispensationalist Websites:
-- Tim LaHaye/Left Behind website -- Very popular website that charts the nearness of the "Rapture"  -- John Hagee -- Hal Lindsey

Christian Zionist Websites:
-- Christians for Israel -- Christian Action for Israel -- Stand for Israel  -- Christian Friends of Israel Communities

Recommended Books:

The Book of Enoch

The Oxford Bible Commentary

John J. Collins, The Apocalyptic Imagination

Raymond E. Brown, An Introduction to the New Testament

Carter, Grayson. Anglican Evangelicals: Protestant Secessions from the Via Media, c. 1800-1850

Hurtado, Larry.  Lord Jesus Christ:  Devotion to Jesus in Earliest Christianity.

Tod Linafelt (ed.), Shadow of Glory: Reading the New Testament after the Holocaust (Includes article on Israel in Luke-Acts by Craig C. Hill)


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